Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goals and life changes

January 1, 2017

Strange to say that another year has begun.  I am so very glad to get rid of last year, though.  In my head it seems that there was a wall to get over and I made it at midnight.  New beginning!  Will not look back!

So, I set my goals and am putting them on here to be accountable.

SPIRITUAL  -   Temple by Aug 26th
FAMILY  -         Closer relationship with kids and husband
HOME   -           Clean and organized
FINANCES        Become debt free in 3 years.  Save $10,000 in 5.
HEALTH            Weigh a healthy 120 pounds!

I am going to break each of these categories down into steps but not right now.  Funny how each of these goals will play into each other.

 Health, stop smoking.  Finances, stop smoking.  Spiritual, stop smoking.
Temple, will bring family closer.  Help to become debt free by paying tithing.  More peace at home.


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